Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The fragrance of love is the most beautiful scent
It brings joy to my heart and my soul
It takes me away to places I love
It makes me complete and so whole

Let the fragrance of love give life to your being
Let it permeate down deep in your soul
Then let it flow freely to those that you love
until you have reached the last goal

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Honoring My Kids

There's comes a time in a daddy's heart that all he wants to do his hold his children close to him. As I think of each of my children I'm reminded that they are precious gifts from God.

My first born, Freddy, was given to his mother and me to help us learn what it means to be parents. I gave him my name Fred, which means peacemaker, with the prayer that one day he would take with him through his life the qualities of peace. Those qualities are that of loving and understanding others, willing to give of himself to help others find their way, and of being willing to sacrifice for others that they would come to know the prince of peace, our Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayers have been answered and the Lord is to be praised. Thank you Freddy for being the man God wants you to be.

Isaac, which means laughter, has truly brought joy to this daddy's life. How proud I am to watch him live out his life with the determination of honoring God and loving his family.The Lord has given Isaac a quick mind and a quick wit.Thank you Isaac for bringing joy and laughter to our family and to the world.

Annie, "my liitle girl," draws deep love from this daddy's heart. She has always displayed a love and compassion for others. Her beautiful smile and her loving spirit are evident to all. Thank you Annie for being like sunshine, bringing light and warmth to all around you.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Ohh See the Moon"

"Ohh see the moon shining up above
Ohh what a lovely night to be in love
Ohh I want to linger
Ohh a little longer
Ohh I want to linger here with you.
Who me? Yes you!"

This was a little ditty mom and I would serenade each other with as we took walks in the moonlight. After 36 years she still is the only one I want to linger and stay with.
I love you Becky and don't you forget it!